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Sun 4 May: Soul Survivor: Mental Health and Social Wellness

Date: 4 May

Time: 10:30 am

Location: ANU Chaplaincy

Soul Survivor: Mental Health and Social Wellness

Rob Pedlow will present a talk that was  written and originally delivered by The Rev. Hilary Landau Krivchenia

April 3, 2005, at Unitarian Universalist Church of Lafayette, Indiana

Do please join us, and stay afterwards for tea or coffee.


The Chaplaincy is above the ANU Concessions area; for details go to



Sunday Feb 3 2013

There will not be a formal meeting.  A few of us will meet (at the ANU Chaplaincy) for tea and bikkies at 10.30am.  Please do join us!

The first formal event of the year will be the morning meeting on Sunday February 17.

CUUF Meeting; Sunday April 16

Time (as usual): 10.30am, at the ANU Chaplaincy 
(the Chaplaincy is above the ANU Concessions area; for details go to )

Web page:  

Topic: Choices (based around a podcast  by Rev Patricia Hart speaking at 
the Lancaster Unitarian Church in the USA

Opening question: Can you remember a time when you made a decision, a 
time and/or a place, that has changed everything that has happened since?

The podcast goes on to ponder the choice to be a member of a UU ‘religious’

1. Hart uses the term religion in its older sense of “a binding of ourselves together
in community”.  It is not a commitment to a belief system.  Does this use of the
word “religion”, perhaps as one meaning of the word, make sense to you?

2. Hart has a great deal to say about what is involved in the functioning of a church.
How much of what she says carries across to fellowships?


313: O What a Piece of Work are We

131: Love will Guide Us.

Next regular meeting — January 15 2011

The next regular meeting is planned for Sun Jan 15, at 10.30am, at the ANU Chaplaincy. More details will be provided in due course.
Contact:jhmaindonald AT

October 16

At the Oct 2 meeting, we agreed to continue looking at snippets from the history of the NZ Unitarian movement, with perhaps a side glance at the Australian history.

NB: The entrance to the Chaplaincy is above the Concessions area; for details go to Note the new time of 10.30am, at the ANU Chaplaincy.

We will again sing the hymn by US Unitarian minister Vincent Silliman (d 1979):

Faith of the larger liberty,
Source of the light expanding,
Law of the church that is to be,
Old bondage notwithstanding:
Faith of the free!
By thee we live –
By all thou givest and shalt give
Our loyalty commanding.

Heroes of faith in every age,
Far-seeing, self-denying,
Wrought an increasing heritage,
Monarch and priest defying.
Faith of the free!
In thy dear name
The costly heritage we claim:
Their living and their dying.

Faith for the people everywhere,
Whatever their oppression,
Of all who make the world more fair,
Living their faith’s confession:
Faith of the free!
Whate’er our plight,
Thy law, thy liberty, thy light
Shall be our blest possession.

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