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October 16

October 10, 2011

At the Oct 2 meeting, we agreed to continue looking at snippets from the history of the NZ Unitarian movement, with perhaps a side glance at the Australian history.

NB: The entrance to the Chaplaincy is above the Concessions area; for details go to Note the new time of 10.30am, at the ANU Chaplaincy.

We will again sing the hymn by US Unitarian minister Vincent Silliman (d 1979):

Faith of the larger liberty,
Source of the light expanding,
Law of the church that is to be,
Old bondage notwithstanding:
Faith of the free!
By thee we live –
By all thou givest and shalt give
Our loyalty commanding.

Heroes of faith in every age,
Far-seeing, self-denying,
Wrought an increasing heritage,
Monarch and priest defying.
Faith of the free!
In thy dear name
The costly heritage we claim:
Their living and their dying.

Faith for the people everywhere,
Whatever their oppression,
Of all who make the world more fair,
Living their faith’s confession:
Faith of the free!
Whate’er our plight,
Thy law, thy liberty, thy light
Shall be our blest possession.


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